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The KTPA is now officially a Charter Club and are in the final stages of becoming a 501c3. There are many benefits to this including the following: 1) we may use the Kissing Tree branded logo in marketing of events or in any communication format. 2) we may fundraise outside the community. 3) we will receive full support of the Community Life team to advertise events to the community, publish information about Club activities via official platforms like the website, newsletter and Monday/Thursday communications. 4) we may use registration platforms to collect money for events and to reserve space for seminars, clinics that are limited to a limited number, or other events that are open to the community at large. 5) we will have set up and event support from the KTMC staff. 6)we will have preference for meeting room space and amenity use. 7) we will have an additional level of insurance protection.

We amended our Bylaws last night at the Special Board Meeting. Now we just need the IRS to approve our 501c3 application. 

We have the 1st edition of The Paddle Tap Newsletter available. The Paddle Tap Newsletter - FEB.pdf  We hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you'd like to advertise on it or help us find advertisers. 

The courts have been renumbered. The original courts have gone back to being courts 1-8. The new courts are numbered 9-18. Thank you to the members for your input on our Discussion Forum. 

Please join us in welcoming Olivia Reid as our new KTPA Vice President. She will serve for a one year term ending December 31.2024.

We have added a Discussion Forum under the Members Only area of our website. Topics will be created by the Board and will seek input from our community. KTPA is governance by the members for the members. As such, your input is crucial. Please take advantage of this feature as it is the best way to have your voices heard. The Board will give your opinions heavy consideration when voting on issues.

We are very pleased to announce that the KTPA Newsletter will be making it's return. This newsletter will be informative and fun and it will give us another opportunity to fundraise. Please stay tuned for more details as this develops.

Speaking of fundraising, the KTPA is working to become a 501c3 charitable organization. We also are working toward becoming a Charter Club. Both these actions will give us flexibility and allow us to work better in partnership with Kissing Tree Master Community (KTMC) and their amazing staff.

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