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Through pickleball we seek to enhance the physical, emotional and social well being of our members in this vibrant 55+ community. In the course of building community we seek to perform the tax exempt purposes of raising money for charity, providing education in the areas of health and wellness and to foster a national amateur sports competition.


Opening of New Courts & Court Usage

With the arrival of the new courts and with the seasonal hours for open play changing soon, below is a brief summary for the use and enjoyment of the Kissing Tree pickleball courts.

Open Play

Open play format is reserved during published seasonal hours on courts 1-8.  A new schedule for open play will be published on October 31st.  

Open play is for all skill levels to provide socialization for Kissing Tree residents.

A Paddle System is used to determine order of play.  After four players finish their game, they will leave the court and place their paddles in an available slot of the paddle racks.  It is the intent that the players will stagger their paddles to keep from playing with the same foursome.    

Open play schedules vary between Summer Hours and Winter Hours and open play times will be posted at the courts, on the Kissing Tree Master Community activity calendar, the Kissing Tree Pickleball Association’s website and Facebook page.

During gender open play (Pickle Chicks & Pickle Gents)open play participants may use courts 9-18, however, they must be aware that walk-on play will be taking place on those courts and open play participants will have to utilize the paddle system between games if the courts are full. Gender open play must understand that the rules for walk-on play (as described below) will apply.  If open play participants want dedicated open play courts during published hours, they must play on courts 1-8.

Open Play will continue to be played on court numbers 1-8 during open play hours. Open Play takes precedence on court numbers 1-8 during Open Play hours. However, if not all court numbers 1-8 are being utilized for Open Play, AND all of the "Walk-On" play court numbers 9-18 are full, then "Walk-On" play is allowed to move over to the unused Open Play courts during Open Play hours so no courts are sitting empty. Please refer to the Court Usage Rules on our website for definitions of "Open Play" and "Walk-On Play". Authorized lessons continue to be permitted to utilize court numbers 1-8 at any time that is convenient for our instructors.

Walk-On Play

Walk-on play is non-organized play whereby players organize their own groups.  Groups can be any number up to four players and players may feel free to team up with other players upon an invitation to do so during walk-on play.

Walk-on play is allowed on courts 9-18 at all times. This allows play for all genders and levels on the new courts. 

If courts 9-18 are full, then the paddle system must be used.  The players waiting for a court will place their paddles in the first four slots of the paddle rack.  The first court to finish their game to a score of 11 will come off the court and the four paddles waiting will rotate on the court.  The players that just finished their game will place their paddles in the next open slots of the paddle rack.

When all courts are full and players are waiting to play, play is limited to one game to a score of 11.

You are not permitted to join any foursome during walk-on play unless invited to do so.

Additionally, walk-on play is anytime when no events are scheduled including, but not limited to, league play, special events, or clinics.

If courts 9-18 are full, walk-on players are welcome to utilize courts 1-8.  If it is during the designated open play times and open play is full, the walk-on players must work in to the open play paddle system during the designated open play times only.  

Covered Courts

The four covered courts will have its own paddle system.  If all covered courts are full, players must rotate off after their game and insert their paddle in the rack to rotate back on to the covered courts once one becomes available.  

If the covered courts are full, play is limited to one game to a score of 11.


Pickleball court 9 is designated for both paid and non-paid instruction, Monday to Friday, 7-11 a.m.  This is to enhance learning experiences for our community members without disrupting open-play or walk-on scenarios. Training includes, but is not limited to, private instruction, drilling, and ball machine usage.  For questions or details, contact Fitness Manager Micah Ross. 

No Chairs On New Court Surface

KTMC has requested that there be no chairs placed on any part of the new courts’ surface.  Chairs are permitted on the grass or in the new pavilion at the new courts.  We kindly remind residents to bring their own seating when at the courts.  Please avoid dragging furniture from other locations onto the courts.  For questions or details, contact Fitness Manager Micah Ross.


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