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On January 27, 2024 we were blessed with a special treat. Ben Johns, Collin Johns, Dekel Bar and Brandon Nsekpong put on a great exhibition for us. Ben is the undisputed greatest male player of all time. He and his brother Collin are the number 1 doubles team in the world for 3 years running. Dekel is a perennial top 10. Brandon is top 50 and has a 6.3 DUPR.

We got very lucky because the weather for the pro exhibition was perfect. The players put on quite a show and the community of 200 plus ate it up. The players graciously stayed until every autograph was signed and every picture was taken. 


Joe and Susan Nicola organized Dinking in the New Year. Lower level players picked a more advanced player's name out of a hat and that person became their partner for the day. Teams would play each other for 8 minutes and then rotate to play another team. Emphasis was placed on camaraderie and community not winning. Advanced players were encouraged to extend rallies not pull balls away.

As you can see from the smiles on people's faces a great time was had by all. We had 60 participants and many spectators. We were blessed with live music by Cactus Flats who were spot on as they ran through 3 hours of classic rock. Jerry the bartender was there to serve adult libations. 

It was an amazing day of community building, This event was heartwarming and served to allow players that might not get to interact much with each other to share a court and a ton of laughs. Mission accomplished!

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Pickleball Barbie Day at Kissing Tree

The social committee of the Kissing Tree Pickleball Association, led by Vee Volpe, organized a fun event for those attending PickleChicks on Tuesday, October 24.

Players were encouraged to “Get their Barbie on” by wearing pink on the courts that day. The response was amazing.

Players arrived to see pink pickleballs waving in the breeze as well as a lovely tableau of appropriately attired Barbie Dolls surrounded by snacks.

A contest was held for the best Barbie; it was a difficult decision, but intrepid judge David Reel soon announced the top three:

  • 1st – Suzanne Land
  • 2nd – Kim Miller
  • 3rd – Celeste Blaha

Here are a few pictures from the day.

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